Monday, March 30, 2009

My hair profile

Really it's so sad that I can't find any photo with my natural hair. I might ask a friend to send me some, but to be honest my natural hair pics could freak the world out, since I have a very kinky curly thick hair.

Managing my hair was impossible which led me to many chemical treatments starting from the age of fifteen. It's sad how the media haven't changed one bit, from a young age I absorbed like a sponge that straight sleek hair equals beauty and anything else is below the definition of being beautiful.

I started hating my hair at a very young age, my mother had trouble with it, she use to curse my hair out loud. I was like a raging horse at the shower while shes trying hard to wash my thick head, which sometimes will lead me to injure her or even hurting myself with bruises and scars . It was a true living nightmare.

My mother loved my sister hair, it was more softer and manageable then mine. My hair would be combed less and less. And on occasions I'd be sent to the hair saloon for a very hot pressing which resulted to a very soft straight hair. That was the start of my love for hair saloons and any equipment that provide heat to my hair, let alone chemicals that gives false manageability and acceptance.

Today I'm 28yrs old, and what better gift can I give myself then to accept me the way I was intended to be; embrace my qualities in and out. And one of these qualities is my hair.

From now on I'm going to deal with my hair in a natural way, no more heat and no more perms. This journey is not involving me alone, it touches everyone around me, those who know me and those who don't. In simple words, everyone will have to accept my hair and deal with the fact am going natural.

The media needs to change how it represents beauty, and am part of the change. Come along with me in this journey and enjoy.

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