Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fat burner tea

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I took some pics of the fat burner recipe that I've posted for Old Schl flat belly challenge on LHCF, the quality of these photos are not the best since my camera is broken (sorry girls) .. I'm not even sure when can I get a new camera but till then I hope these pic's help.

4Lemon sliced with the skin on

30 small garlic

so here's the lemon and garlic inside the pot

I added cumin seeds, its not one of the ingredients of this recipe
but I wanted to use it b/c cumin is known for its gas release power =)

I added 6 glass of water and started boiling

I add parsley at the final boil, then I strained the herbal tea into
a container and stored it in the fridge.

I drink this mixture three times a day before or sometimes after a meal, glad to say there is no taste of garlic at all just remember I didn't slice the garlic or even cut them.

Q: What does this tea do?
A: It helps aiding fat burn in your body and also if used before a meal, it controls/reduces your apatite.

Q: How long will I get to see a result in my weight if I use this tea?
A: three to four weeks =)

Q: Is this tea healthy?
A: Yes, you will be using nothing but natural vegetable, herbs and spice.

I have also added a two chunks of ginger into the tea, forgot to take a pic "Sorry!"

This is how ginger looks like ..



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