Monday, June 1, 2009

My hair is beautiful the way it is..

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Yesterday I gave away all of my hair conditioners since they had cone in them. Now that am back to my natural hair, I avoid all products that contain cones happily and gracefully too.

You know what did this whole natural hair turned me into? I became an aware woman, I'm aware of ingredients that harm my hair, aware of what my hair likes and dislikes and aware of my whole uniqueness of being.

The hair that comes out of my own head, not altered nor touched chemically. To some, my hair might look like a mess and to others it might invoke envy feelings but overall am happy for I have accepted the way I am NATURALLY.

My nappy* head is beautiful, yes at times I too have bad hair day and there are other times when I myself wish if I had long straight hair. You see now my hair is short (after my bigchop) and curly or maybe even wavy I don't know (many types in one head). But I love it and I look at it in the mirror and wonder why my mother said my kinky hair was not manageable. Why she said going back to natural hair was not doing me good.

I mean look at my hair, isn't it beautiful, I totally believe its so pretty. I'm so pretty the way I am, yes Nature, the way you made me.



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