Monday, April 27, 2009

Hair tea rinse

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Part of me going natural with my hair is using a lot of natural herbs, oils and products. Recently I've learned about the benefit of caffeine on hair growth and how it can be used as growth stimulator.

Since tea has a high rate of caffeine, I've decided to add tea rinse to my hair rituals and I'm enjoying it alot.

I've already stopped using shampoo and instead I use my herbal wash which I will post on some other day.

Now, with my tea I use it as a final rinse for my hair, then I style as usual or just tie my hair in a pony.

To prepare I get any tea bags I have; I love green tea, red tea and peppermint tea. I just mix and match. Sometimes I add parsley as its known widely in the Arab culture for its rich moisture trait.

Here I've added parsley leaves, green tea and red tea bags.

I boil my tea mixture till the water changes color. Then I put it in a jar

Pour it and wait for it to cool down or
sometime I add cold water/ice to make it cool down faster

After my hair wash, I pour the tea into my hair as final rinse :)

Other Tips:

  • If you are suffering from hair loss then add cloves to the tea water and let it boil with the tea. Cloves will help stop your hair loss.

  • If you want thick hair or head full of hair then use tea rinse with every hair wash you get.

  • for extra shine and moisture, add two/three drops of olive oil to your tea mixture.

  • Yes you can use any hair products after your tea rinse.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Henna hates curls :(

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Well I said I'll post a picture of my end results but I didn't so sorry readers. I'm just not happy with the end results, my hair did change color but that's only for the previously dyed part. My natural black is still black, I stayed only two hours with the henna on my head.

The washing was easy, it turned out soft too and LONGER! I didn't think much of it, I thought well maybe coz am trying so hard to grow my hair so it grown.

Truth hurts people, at least in this case it does. The henna I had on hated my curls so bad, it turned into a wavy pattern and that's why my hair was longer after the wash *Cries*

You see I love curls, I want to maintain my curls. Final thought: No more henna for me until I come up with a solution of using henna without changing the curls pattern.

Share your thoughts on this one please.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Third henna application

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Today I'm using a new henna powder and am so surprised of how neat the application process was. Not like before where I had henna dripping all over the place, this time the henna was smooth textured just like yogurt. I'm not sure how long I'll leave it on my hair but will let you know once I post my result.

I prepared the henna last night and left it covered for 16hours before I used it. This is what I mixed with the henna :

  1. Amla oil <--------- darkens hair
  2. Virgin Coconut oil <------ conditions
  3. Parsley boiled water <---------- promotes growth
  4. one egg <--- I added the egg to the mixture right before I applied it to my hair.
I used amla oil to darken my hair and parsley to help my hair grow. Egg is known for moisture and cholesterol while Coconut oil was to condition my hair since natural henna leaves the hair dry.

So I parted my hair in four sections, started from bottom to top I applied the henna while going through the sections. I kept parting each section into more thinner layer and applied the henna. In the end I covered my hair with saran wrap and its much easier then the shower cap at least for me it is =)

Okay now please wait for a fallow-up post of my results, lets see how my mixture works *Waiting*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pamper your face with chocolate

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Treat your self to a luxurious face mud mask that will turn your face yummy and wont dare to break your purse .

Shoppers drug mart's Life brand has a handful of face mask products but this one is a real face treat with the affordable price, the Chocolate Nourishing Mud Mask with Cocoa & Shea Butters is sold for only two bucks.

And now am in love with it.

I got me a single pack last weekend since I can't pass a bargain and lately my face has been acting up with breakouts :(

Today I tried it on my face then started watching a movie after thirty minutes I washed the nourishing mask off my face and am totally satisfied with this product. Not only has it left my skin moistened happy but I also have some left in the pack which will last me for two more use.

The pack comes in 15mL and they have a full money back guarantee *Yuppie*

I tried to find a picture of the pack online but with no luck. Anyways I will scan it once am done using the remaining mask.

Product name: chocolate nourishing mud mask with cocoa and shea butters

Cost: around 2$

Brand: Shoppers Drug Mart's Life brand


It all started with hair

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I wasn't much productive today, though I read a lot about herbs and had a good time researching on skin and weight in general.

Then I came up with a decision to expand this blog and cover more then hair. I'm so into beauty and fashion, not the high-end though just your normal average person who loves creativity and originality.

So ladies, I'll be posting about skin care, weight loss and fashion plus the hair posts. This will all be organized with category (aka Post Tags).

For now the name of the blog will stay the same "Mother Nature Hair" So enjoy and let me know your reading :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deep conditioning

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Today I had a hot oil treatment, then I deep conditioning one. I'm happy to say that my hair changed after washing. It's more soft and defiantly moisture since I suffer from dry hair at my sides and neck.

The hot oil:
I mixed 1tsp. Amla oil, 1tsp. Vitka oil, 1tsp olive pepper oil with 1tsp of Himani oil. After mixing I boiled them on low temprtaue then added a slice of butter.

After 5 boiling point I took the mixture off the stove and drained it in one of my empity Go Dro oil bottles.

I had to wait for it to cool down, please be careful when boiling oils on stove. They tend to be really hot and might burn you, so you have to let them cool down before using and always test it before pouring it on your scalb.

After 15mins, it was warm even on my skin, I took the mixture and started oiling my scalp. Ofcoz I didn't use it all so I still have a lot left for the weeks that fallow.

Then I started massaging my scalp with a head massager machine I have. And boy didn't I feel good, it almost felt like having sex :p

I left the hot oil for two hours on my hair before washing it off and adding my deep conditioner.

Now for my deep conditioner I used chorastrol and cracked one egg with it. Covered my hair with plastic cap for an hour and washed the deep conditioner with cool water since I had egg on my hair too.

End results: My hair is soft, moistured and smells good =)



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