Friday, April 17, 2009

Third henna application

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Today I'm using a new henna powder and am so surprised of how neat the application process was. Not like before where I had henna dripping all over the place, this time the henna was smooth textured just like yogurt. I'm not sure how long I'll leave it on my hair but will let you know once I post my result.

I prepared the henna last night and left it covered for 16hours before I used it. This is what I mixed with the henna :

  1. Amla oil <--------- darkens hair
  2. Virgin Coconut oil <------ conditions
  3. Parsley boiled water <---------- promotes growth
  4. one egg <--- I added the egg to the mixture right before I applied it to my hair.
I used amla oil to darken my hair and parsley to help my hair grow. Egg is known for moisture and cholesterol while Coconut oil was to condition my hair since natural henna leaves the hair dry.

So I parted my hair in four sections, started from bottom to top I applied the henna while going through the sections. I kept parting each section into more thinner layer and applied the henna. In the end I covered my hair with saran wrap and its much easier then the shower cap at least for me it is =)

Okay now please wait for a fallow-up post of my results, lets see how my mixture works *Waiting*



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