Monday, April 27, 2009

Hair tea rinse

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Part of me going natural with my hair is using a lot of natural herbs, oils and products. Recently I've learned about the benefit of caffeine on hair growth and how it can be used as growth stimulator.

Since tea has a high rate of caffeine, I've decided to add tea rinse to my hair rituals and I'm enjoying it alot.

I've already stopped using shampoo and instead I use my herbal wash which I will post on some other day.

Now, with my tea I use it as a final rinse for my hair, then I style as usual or just tie my hair in a pony.

To prepare I get any tea bags I have; I love green tea, red tea and peppermint tea. I just mix and match. Sometimes I add parsley as its known widely in the Arab culture for its rich moisture trait.

Here I've added parsley leaves, green tea and red tea bags.

I boil my tea mixture till the water changes color. Then I put it in a jar

Pour it and wait for it to cool down or
sometime I add cold water/ice to make it cool down faster

After my hair wash, I pour the tea into my hair as final rinse :)

Other Tips:

  • If you are suffering from hair loss then add cloves to the tea water and let it boil with the tea. Cloves will help stop your hair loss.

  • If you want thick hair or head full of hair then use tea rinse with every hair wash you get.

  • for extra shine and moisture, add two/three drops of olive oil to your tea mixture.

  • Yes you can use any hair products after your tea rinse.



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