Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My coconut oil

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I LOVE this product, it smells like coconut biscuit. I use it a lot on my hair, most of the time I use it with my co-wash by mixing it with my conditioner.

Hollywood Beauty Super Gro

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My boyfriend got me this last weekend, I don't use grease on my hair but thought why not use some of it on my braids. I love the texture this grease gives my natural hair, its too sad am still transitioning.

I don't really know if this makes hair grow, tried to research but nothing came up. So if you have any ideas/thoughts on this product then please share it with me.

My Braidouts

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I like this style, its more trendy kind of way. I cornrowed my wet hair using a tiny bit of hair mouse and some Hollywood beauty supergrow grease :p I used rods for my ends. Air dryad the hair while sleeping with it overnight.



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