Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deep conditioning

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Today I had a hot oil treatment, then I deep conditioning one. I'm happy to say that my hair changed after washing. It's more soft and defiantly moisture since I suffer from dry hair at my sides and neck.

The hot oil:
I mixed 1tsp. Amla oil, 1tsp. Vitka oil, 1tsp olive pepper oil with 1tsp of Himani oil. After mixing I boiled them on low temprtaue then added a slice of butter.

After 5 boiling point I took the mixture off the stove and drained it in one of my empity Go Dro oil bottles.

I had to wait for it to cool down, please be careful when boiling oils on stove. They tend to be really hot and might burn you, so you have to let them cool down before using and always test it before pouring it on your scalb.

After 15mins, it was warm even on my skin, I took the mixture and started oiling my scalp. Ofcoz I didn't use it all so I still have a lot left for the weeks that fallow.

Then I started massaging my scalp with a head massager machine I have. And boy didn't I feel good, it almost felt like having sex :p

I left the hot oil for two hours on my hair before washing it off and adding my deep conditioner.

Now for my deep conditioner I used chorastrol and cracked one egg with it. Covered my hair with plastic cap for an hour and washed the deep conditioner with cool water since I had egg on my hair too.

End results: My hair is soft, moistured and smells good =)



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