Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Got henna eh ..

I decided to start using henna on my hair, twice a week if possible. Today was my first day and let me tell you, its not easy applying henna at least not for me.

First my boyfriend bought me henna powder from an Indian store, so I took the pack and mixed it with water, a bit of honey (okay maybe a lot) and little tent of lemon juice.

After blending the mixture I left it on the heater while I went to wash off the amla oil from last night. Got off the shower and took my henna mixture, wore my gloves, I sectioned my hair in four and started applying the henna on.

What really annoyed me that even though it looked soft on the container (the mixture that is) it was so harsh on my hair, I couldn't even comb my hair to make sure that the application is applied on all of my head.

Then I gathered all of my hair and wore a plastic cap to cover my henna, went back to the shower to wash off the mess on my body.

And now as you can see, am seating here waiting for 4hours to pass so I can wash off the henna mixture.

I know I did something wrong, maybe I mixed it with a lot of water, its all drippy that's why I have the towel on... Ouch I can't wait, tick tack tick tack ... See you all in four hours :)

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